Let’s redefine the “work”

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Restartlab is a cross-industry think tank organization that uses co-creation for solving real world business problems and redefining the “work” concept.

At Restartlab, we bring together a broad network of experts to identify needs, prototype emergent concepts, and bring new solutions to the market.


We believe that “Workcan be redefined,

for the benefit of larger communities,

by supporting presence of individuals, enabling self-actualization of themselves,

and by questioning the traditional approaches and habitude.



What RestartLab Does

Questions The Traditional

Restartlab creates content that questions the usual beliefs of business and social life, publishes this content transparently via social media to spark ideas and discussions.


Every Restarter can create a specific topic and invite other interested Restarters to run a series of co-creation Sprints. This cross-functional community seeks solutions to problems collaboratively.


Restartlab hosts activities with inspirational and different minded thinkers to speakers to trigger new mindsets and question the usual.

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